SavWatt USA, Inc., a developer of innovative, energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions, is quickly becoming a market leader in the LED lighting industry. Offering value-added, application-specific LED lighting systems, the company is significantly minimizing energy costs and the carbon footprint of businesses worldwide.

SavWatt LED lights are engineered and assembled in the USA. Street lights, tubes, spot and floodlights are just a few examples of the company’s extensive portfolio of LED lighting products. Providing outstanding performance, premium light quality, high lumen output, and hours of maintenance-free operation, SavWatt LED lights emit no harmful UV rays and do not contain mercury or fluorocarbons.

The company believes it is everyone’s responsibility to replace conventional light sources with cleaner, brighter, sustainable lighting solutions that require far less energy to operate and help conserve natural resources. By lowering energy consumption by as much as 80%, SavWatt not only makes a favorable impact on the environment, but also helps businesses improve their bottom line.

The LED lighting revolution continues to build momentum, inevitably leading to the full replacement of the traditional incandescent bulb. Leveraging its advanced ECO-WATT technology, SavWatt is spearheading today’s push for LED lighting by offering a comprehensive line of unparalleled, environmentally responsible LED lighting solutions driven by market demand, research and development and total customer service.

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