SavWatt USA, Inc., a leading developer of innovative, energy-efficient and cost-effective LED lighting, announced earlier today that the overwhelming interest in its products at the recent LightFair Exhibition in Philadelphia has resulted in expectations of more than one hundred sign ups of Energy Service Providers and Electrical Supply Distributors by the end of this month.

Partners that sign up with SavWatt will receive a discounted pricing, enabling them to resell SavWatt products. With an annual minimum target of $100,000 in purchases required in order to maintain partnership, SavWatt management currently projects over $10 million in revenues for the first twelve months of operations.

Michael Haug, CEO of SavWatt, stated, “The May 16-19, 2011 International LightFair Show was a very significant debut for SavWatt. We had an overwhelming positive reception and large number of visitors to our booth, especially due to our Eco-Pole exhibit. SavWatt demonstrated that we have what it takes to be a major force in the LED Lighting and Green revolution. We have pre-booked our bigger space for next year’s LightFair 2012 in Las Vegas.”

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