Yesterday Saxo Bank announced that it has acquired 2.655.959 shares of A/S from JCA Holding ApS and 2.472.789 shares in from Soeren Alminde Holding ApS.

In total, Saxo Bank A/S has acquired 5.128.748 shares. The shares have been acquired on equal terms from the two sellers at a price of DKK 15 pr. share. Saxo Bank will now have a total of 69 percent of the shares in and will thereby have acquired control of the company.

In accordance with chapter 8 in the security trading law in Denmark, Saxo Bank A/S will present a takeover offer to the shareholders in A/S at the latest four weeks from today.

Since the beginning of 2009, Saxo Bank A/S has been working in cooperation with the two majority shareholders of A/S and will now take over control of A/S. Going forward, Saxo Bank A/S intends to focus on product development as well as explore the company's international expansion opportunities.

Saxo Bank A/S intends to keep A/S listed as a publicly traded company on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen.