Have you ever felt stressful after seeing that your almost-perfect shot has captured an unwanted object or person in it? If yes, you're in luck because there's a wonderful app that can save your time in solving this common photographic problem by removing unwanted object or person from a captured photo.

Scalado, a Sweden-based Smartphone Carera software company has announced the release of an innovative mobile app called 'Remove'.

Remove is a technology that automatically highlights and removes any unwanted object from a captured photo. It is the world’s first Object removal software to be released on a mobile device, Scalado stated.

Remove detects and selects the unwanted objects which simply can be removed automatically or by touching the selections on the screen or after capturing the image, it added.

The company plans to showcase 'Remove' at the upcoming 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which will kick off on Feb. 27 and run through March 1.

Click here to see the Remove app in action.