“Scandal” is so hot it’s about to explode! No, seriously … a bomb is ticking on the ABC series. Only two episodes remain in Season 3, and Gladiators definitely won’t want to miss episode 17, “Flesh and Blood,” when it airs on April 10.

For those that missed episode 16, “The Fluffer,” Olivia found herself battling a whole slew of enemies. Jeannine Locke, the former White House staff member who was framed for having an affair with President Grant, resurfaced just in time for the election with a tell-all about her “affair.” Fitz tried to go behind Olivia’s back to kick Andrew off the VP ticket after discovering that he was hooking up with Mellie; and Pope & Associates managed to team up with Leo Bergen to take down Gov. Reston in the election. In the end everything seemed to work out when Olivia succeeded in convincing Andrew to end his relationship with Mellie and discovered how to shut down B613. However, what Olivia didn’t realize was that B613 was watching Momma Pope … who was planning on planting a bomb to kill the president. Needless to say, Jake was not pleased to discover what Olivia did, and stormed her office. Throwing her against a wall with his hands at her neck, Jake told his former flame: “You just killed the president.”

Episode 17 will find Olivia and the rest of the Gladiators trying to fix their mistake. According to a leak for “Flesh and Blood,” “a security breach calls for an all-hands-on-deck situation at OPA.” Adnan and Maya (Momma Pope) are continuing to “plot their next move,” which leaves them and the bomb as Olivia’s first concern. Unfortunately that means Fitz’s re-election campaign will fall on the backburner … leading Fitz to consider “going against Olivia’s advice.”

The last episode before the finale is going out with a bomb,” teases the promo video for episode 17. With 60 minutes in place on the bomb and counting down, fans can see Fitz and Mellie holding hands in a rally before the election. “Now, I don’t know about you all,” Fitz tells the excited crowd. “But I’m just getting warmed up.”

Episode 17, “Flesh and Blood,” will air on ABC on April 10 at 10 p.m. EDT. Do you think the bomb will go off during episode 17 of “Scandal”? Let us know your thoughts and theories about “Flesh and Blood” by sending a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.

scandal Momma Pope is busy working away with the bomb ... but is Adnan having second thoughts? Photo: ABC

scandal Huck destroyed B613 at the end of episode 16. Will he be able to salvage it in episode 17? Photo: ABC

scandal Harrison will be working overtime to try and prevent the bomb from going off. Photo: ABC

scandal Can Harrison stop Adnan in episode 17? Photo: ABC

scandal Episode 17 of "Scandal" will air on ABC on April 10 at 10 p.m. EDT. Photo: ABC