May the “Scandal” drama always flow. The fight to win the presidential election continued into episode 16, “The Fluffer,” but in usual “Scandal” fashion, the gladiators found their personal lives getting in the way. Check out the top 7 moments from episode 16:

1. The Return Of Jeannine Locke

Remember Jeannine Locke? She was the former White House staff member who ended up taking the fall in President Fitz’s affair scandal. Jeannine was supposed to be paid of handsomely by Fitz’ team … but she’s resurfaced with a new book, “Taken For Granted: My Time As The Grant Mistress.”

Turns out that someone bought Jeannine’s White House deal out, and she’s using her payday to turn “her story” into a best seller. Fortunately the former Grant employee had nothing but nice things to say about Fitz, like how impressive he was: “I have to say that the President of the United States is definitely a baguette.”

2. Ignore Olivia

Olivia is doing a little bit of pouting after her fight with Fitz last episode. Attempting to take some time off from the White House by using Abby as her proxy, Olivia’s plan backfires. Instead of listening to Olivia’s commands, Cyrus goes behind her back and leaks the information that Sally’s daughter had an abortion.

As for Fitz? After Olivia refused to take Andrew off his VP ticket, he decided to secretly meet with Senator Ramirez about the VP seat.

3. Screw Mellie Or Be VP

In order to keep Fitz happy, Olivia asks him what he “needs” her to do. After going back and forth and telling Olivia that he doesn’t love Mellie, Fitz tells her that he needs Andrew to stop sleeping with his wife.

Olivia sets up a meeting with Andrew and warns him that he can either “screw Mellie Grant or be VP” … but not both. Andrew refuses to cave, telling Olivia that he’s in love with Mellie. However Olivia doesn’t buy it, and warns Andrew that he has 24 hours to make his decision or she’ll destroy him.

4. The Takedown Of Governor Reston

A couple of seasons ago Olivia helped Governor Reston after a “home burglary went wrong.” “Scandal” fans will remember that a man was shot at Reston’s home. Reston’s wife ended up taking the fall in order to protect her husband, but Olivia later found out that Reston had shot the man on purpose … knowing that his wife was having an affair with him.

Now Reston is running for president and beating not only Fitz, but Sally too – which leads Olivia and Leo to work together to take down the Governor. Handing over the information she has on Reston’s murder, Leo takes it to Reston’s wife in prison and drops the bomb that she’s not the one who belongs behind bars, but her husband.

Reston’s wife confronts him about framing her for the murder, and the Governor is everything but the kind and caring husband that he’s painting to the media. Instead he threatens to “box her up” and ship her to a mental ward if she tries to talk. “You my loving wife, better do exactly as I tell you from now on,” he warns her.

And Reston’s wife seemed to fear his threat. However Abby had a trick up her sleeve. She secretly managed to catch their whole conversation on camera and leaked it online. The video went viral, tanking Reston’s chance at winning the election.

5. Andrew’s Decision

Olivia believed that Andrew would choose power over love … and Andrew did just that. Breaking Mellie’s heart, Andrew told her that their affair had to stop because Fitz was such a good friend to him. But Mellie saw right through Andrew. Storming into Fitz’ office during a meeting, she slapped her husband across the face and yelled, “You take everything from me.”

6. Marie Wallace And The Takedown Of B613

Marie Wallace -- aka Momma Pope – is up to no good. Despite Olivia’s best efforts to find her terrorist mom, Jake managed to locate Marie using B613. Without telling Olivia, Jake put Quinn and Charlie on Marie watch. And the pair discovered something horrifying: a bomb so big that Charlie called it “The Mona Lisa of Boom.”

Asking Jake if they should go in and bust Marie, the B613 Commander told them to stay put. But little did Jake know that at the same time the Gladiators had managed to hack into the B613 system. With all the information at their fingertips, Olivia made the decision to have Huck shut it down. But unfortunately their decision to do it came at a bad, bad time. Just as Marie was planning on moving the bomb, the B613 feed watching Momma Pope went dead. Quinn and Charlie tried to run in and stop Marie, but it was too late.

7. The Consequences

Olivia’s decision to shut down B613 came with a price. Jake stormed into the Pope & Associates office, throwing Olivia up against the wall with his hands at her neck. Demanding to know what she did, Jake drops his own bomb on her: “You just killed the president.”

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