“Scandal” dropped some major game-changers in episode 5, “More Cattle, Less Bull.” Olivia Pope was approached by Mellie to lead Fitz’s campaign for president; Josie asked Olivia to lead her campaign … and was turned down; and Jake and Huck revealed that Fitz may have played a role in the death of Olivia’s mother, Maya Lewis. With Operation Remington being slowly unveiled; what does it mean for Olivia and the Gladiators in episode 6, “Icarus”?

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According to a leaked plot synopsis for “Icarus,” Olivia must make a decision that will affect all of her relationships in the White House – presumably choosing to lead the campaign for Fitz or Josie. As Harrison’s “allegiance to the Gladiators is tested,” the rest of the team will continue to prep Josie … as Cyrus and Mellie plot against her.

Besides all the campaign drama, “Scandal” viewers can also expect:

Harrison’s History

The Gladiators have some heartbreaking (and violent) pasts that have been explored the past two seasons. But Harrison’s life pre-Olivia Pope has been kept under wraps – until now. TV Guide teases that fans will get “more than they bargained for when we discover that Harrison’s past is much more dangerous than we could’ve imagined.”

More On Harrison’s Allegiance

Harrison has been devoted to Olivia Pope from the beginning, performing the occasional shady transaction without asking any questions. In episode 6 his allegiance will be tested, and we know that it will have something to do with Cyrus … and possibly have “scary, even deadly ramifications.”

Meet Olivia’s Mom

“Scandal” fans won’t be meeting Maya Lewis in the present, but will definitely get to see her through some flashbacks. After the big revelation that she was on the civilian plane that was shot down by Fitz prior to becoming president, viewers won’t be waiting much longer. Actress Khandi Alexander is set tackle the role and appear in episode 6.

Watch episode 6 of “Scandal” on ABC on Thursday at 10 p.m. EST. What do you think will happen? Check out the promo video for “Icarus” below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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