Who got shot?

That’s the question “Scandal” fans have been asking all week as they await episode 14, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” airing on March 20 at 10 p.m. on ABC. Viewers were left in the lurch last week, when Jake took aim at David and James in the finals seconds of episode 13.

While the promo for this week’s episode show’s Liv’s vow to “find whoever did this,” viewers have other exciting elements to look forward to. Two sneak peeks released this week hint at the complicated relationships between some of the show’s secondary characters.

The first video shows Harrison in an underground parking garage meeting Adnan Salif, an insider trader and former lover from his past life. Their conversation is an impromptu one, where Adnan asks Harrison whether Liv has connections to the Justice Department. She admits that she might be “looking for an escape route.” Seconds after she divulges this sensitive information, a car whizzes by that spooks her out. She backtracks—both literally and figuratively— telling Harrison “never mind. Forget this ever happened.”  

The second sneak peek offers a flirty scene between Mellie and Andrew Nichols, Fitz's new running mate. The scene takes place in a living room presumably at night, where the pair are drinking and playfully arguing about a hot topic: gun rights.

“What is so bad about stiffer background checks?” Andrew asks. He is sitting on the floor in front of a coffee table.

“Everything! Are you insane? Or like Fitz, just stupid?” Mellie says, nearly yelling as she sits down next to Andrew on the floor in front of the couch.

“You’re saying three days is too long to wait for a gun?” Andrew says.

“Three minutes is too long,” Mellie says.  

“So you’re OK with a depressed teenager or criminal walking out of prison hell bent on revenge and walking into his friendly neighborhood gun shop and walking out with an AK-47?” Andrew asks.

“AR-15 more likely. The point is, the vast majority of violent crimes are committed with black market guns no self-respecting gangster is going to walk into his friendly neighborhood gun shop to get a piece. And while we’re at it, we might as well put background checks on vodka. Bloody Mary’s kill far more people than guns,” Mellie says.

“Those aren’t the same,” Andrew counters.

“Bartender, I’d like a beer. Yes ma’am, that will be five bucks. Come back in three days,” Mellie says mockingly.   

“Ordering a beer is not the same thing as buying a gun,” Andrew points out.

“It makes the same amount sense,” Mellie responds.

“No, it doesn’t,” Andrew says. After a long pause looking at Mellie he says, “It’s a shame.”

“What is?” Mellie asks.

“That he can’t see you the way I do.”

Where the scene and unrequited romance goes to from there is for “Scandal” fans to find out!

A leaked synopsis of the episode sheds some light on Liv’s plotline. Apparently Huck and Liv are expected to come to “shocking realizations.” This could very well be about B613 and the hidden motives behind Rowan and Momma Pope. Another possibility is the discovery that Jake is responsible for killing the NSA employee, Vanessa Chandler, and either David or James.