“Scandal” fans rejoice! The ABC series will be returning for its third season on Thursday, and the network has released two more sneak peek videos from the premiere, “It’s Handled.”

The two videos come a couple days after ABC released a jaw-dropping clip of Olivia and Fitz meeting after her name was linked to the president’s affair. In the video from episode 1, Fitz berates her for pulling the “fire alarm,” which locks down the White House.

“You don’t work in the White House anymore,” he yells at her, explaining that the code was for “extreme emergencies” and can’t ever be used again.

And while Fitz cooled down enough to try to tell Olivia that he can’t help her if an attack ever happens, Olivia fired back that they’re already under attack.

“My name is out there,” she tells him. “We need to talk about how to fix this. We need to make a plan.”

And while the plan isn’t exactly clear in the first clip, one thing for certain is – it involves Fitz’ wife, Mellie.

The two new clips are just as juicy as the first. In the first one, “Scandal” fans get to see Olivia interacting with her Dad … and it doesn’t look too friendly.

“You’re being stupid about this,” Olivia’s father says to her as she steps off a plane into a private hangar. “I am many things, and stupid is not one of them,” she tells him without slowing down.

“You can’t possibly think you’re going to return to your old life as if nothing has happened,” he says angrily as he follows his daughter to a limo. But that appears to be part of Olivia’s plan as she requests to be driven back to her office.

“The White House will destroy you,” Olivia’s father says in one last attempt to break through to her. But he’s hurt her one too many times in the past. “That’s what mom used to tell me about you,” she says without a second glance at him.

In the second video clip “Scandal” viewers get to see some of the shenanigans going on between Cyrus and James back in the White House.

“Hello sweetheart,” Cyrus says to his husband. But James is too smart for him. Instead of saying “hello,” James responds by shaking his head and saying, “You want something.”

And James is right! Not admitting to the allegations of the president’s affair with Olivia Pope, Cyrus wants to know from James how a society gossip blogger managed to get the scoop. Although James won’t bite at first, Cyrus makes a promise if he plays along – a scoop … and a “good one” at that. Fortunately for Cyrus that’s exactly what his reporter husband needs to start talking!

“Malloy's,” he tells him. “Bottom-feeders like Vanessa tend to troll for crumbs of gossip at Malloy's … Secret Service drinks there.”

“Scandal” returns to ABC for its third season Thursday at 10 p.m. Watch the two new video clips below and let us know what you think in the comments section.