Episode 19 of “Scandal” ended with a pretty shocking bombshell Thursday night -- Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) new lover, Russell (Brian White), turns out to be a B613 agent working for her dad, Rowan (Joe Morton). But that wasn’t the only jaw-dropper. In the final moments, Russell attacks an unsuspecting Jake (Scott Foley) and stabs him repeatedly in the gut.

Now to be completely honest, those wounds seemed pretty bad, and it would be hard to believe that they weren’t fatal. However, the episode ends with Jake alive while Russell continues to stab him. “Scandal” fans are left wondering if he would survive or how he’d get out of that situation -- but they don’t need to wait until episode 20 to find out. Instead, the promo video for next week reveals the outcome.

“Ballard has been eliminated,” Russell tells Rowan in the sneak peek look. The promo shows Jake bloody atop the table at the Pope & Associates office.

“Jake’s dead,” Quinn says when they finally find his body. “Jake is dead.”

Womp, womp. So ABC basically ruined the ending of episode 19 by confirming the fate of the beloved sexy former agent. Watch the promo video below:

According to the synopsis for episode 20, the rest of the team attempting to take down B613 will find themselves in “serious danger.” Rosen (Joshua Malina), Quinn (Katie Lowes), Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and possibly even Olivia will be “forced to take drastic measures to ensure their safety.”

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