What in the world happened to Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)? That’s the question that has been plaguing fans since “Scandal” went on hiatus in late November. The hit ABC series is set to return on Thursday, Jan. 29, and we’ve compiled all the must-know spoilers for the second half of Season 4:

1. Winter Premiere Synopsis

Episode 10, the winter premiere of “Scandal” Season 4, is titled “Run.” According to the synopsis, the series will pick up where the finale left off – but from Olivia’s point of view. Currently the only thing that viewers know is that Olivia was taken from her apartment while Jake (Scott Foley) was in the next room. Exactly what happened, who took her and where she currently is will be addressed. But one thing is already certain – it will be “the fight of Olivia’s life.”

2. Fitz Will Be Tested

Vice President Andrew Nichols (Jon Tenney) was revealed to be in on Olivia’s abduction in the winter finale. He threatened President Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and gave him an ultimatum – declare war on West Angola or never see Olivia again.

“It will potentially destroy Fitz again,” Goldwyn dished to TV Guide. “How much more can a man take? This will really test him. The stakes are unbelievably high and I can say that it will be scary.”

3. A New Face

Gladiators will be welcoming a new face to the screen when “Scandal” returns. Jason Butler Harner of “The Blacklist” and “Homeland” will join the series in a mysterious new role. Entertainment Weekly is banking on Harner being connected to Olivia’s kidnapping plotline.

4. A Jaw Dropping Twist

The cast of “Scandal” is certain that fans will be in complete shock at the twist ahead. According to Quinn’s Katie Lowes, the surprise will be even bigger than the reveal that Rowan (Joe Morton) was Olivia’s father.

“There is the most freakin’ hugest surprise that happens in the next four episodes that the original Gladiators are going to freak out over,” Darby Stanchfield who plays Abby told TV Line. “The only clue I can give you is that fans from the first season are going to lose their minds.”

5. New Posters

A series of character posters leading up to the Jan. 29 winter premiere have been released on social media. Each image features the slogan “no looking back,” and a quote from the character.

Scandal Andrew Nichols (Jon Tenney) in a promo for the Season 4 winter premiere of "Scandal." Photo: ABC Scandal Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) in a promo for the Season 4 winter premiere of "Scandal." Photo: ABC Scandal Jake (Scott Foley) in a promo for the Season 4 winter premiere of "Scandal." Photo: ABC

“Scandal” Season 4 returns to ABC on Thursday, Jan. 29 at 9 p.m. EST. What are you looking forward to watching unfold in the winter premiere? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.