“Scandal” threw a major curveball at fans during episode 19 of Season 4. Papa Pope (Joe Morton) returned at the beginning to threaten Olivia (Kerry Washington) and force her to take on his “case.” He wanted his daughter to shut down Rosen’s (Joshua Malina) investigation into B613, but Olivia wasn’t willing to cave into her dear ol’ dad’s demands.

A majority of episode 19 followed Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) as he tried to pass a new bill, and Olivia as she took on a new client who was being framed for murder. In the middle of it all, Olivia was dealing with her new beau, Russell (Brian White), who was drugged by Rowan when he paid he a visit. She tried to pass off the sedation as Russell being too drunk, however he knew that she was lying. When he tried to break things off with her by saying that he was looking for something more serious, Olivia roped him in with some promises and sweet, sweet lovin’.

The final moments of the episode found Rowan back at Olivia’s place. She broke the news to him that she was not taking on his “case” and that she was willing to throw Fitz to the wolves in order to do what’s right. What that meant was that Jake (Scott Foley) confessed to Rosen that it was Fitz who shot down the civilian plane during Operation Remington. Obviously this would result in a major upset at the White House – but it was a sacrifice they all agreed was necessary in order to stop Rowan and the rest of the bad guys at B613.

Olivia told Rowan that he needed to find a way to stop the B613 investigation without killing any of her friends … but Papa Pope always had a problem with following orders from his daughter. Episode 19 concluded with Jake arriving at Pope & Associates looking for Olivia after receiving a text from her. Upon entering the office, he was attacked by a man wearing a mask.

Being a skilled B613 alum, Jake was able to take on his attacker. However he was caught off guard when he pulled off the man’s mask – it was Russell. Although Jake had never met Russell, he recognized him from the surveillance footage he set up to keep an eye on Olivia. His moment of confusion turned out to be fatal. Russell took the opportunity to stab Jake in the stomach.

“You’re not even making this a challenge,” Russell said to Jake, calling him Rowan’s “golden boy.” Jake’s stab wound was bleeding pretty badly, but unfortunately it didn’t stop there.

“I’m gonna go again and you try this time,” Russell continued. He proceeded to stab Jake a handful more times, and while the episode didn't clearly state that Jake was dead ... the promo video for episode 20 did.