“Scandal” Season 4 will be returning to ABC on Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. EDT. Excited? So are we – especially after Shonda Rhimes left us on the show’s biggest cliffhanger to date.

But out of all the eye-widening moments from episode 18, “The Price of a Free and Fair Election,” the scene that had us digging our nails into our couch cushions was the moment Tom aimed a gun at Harrison.

TV.com suggested that, because we didn’t see the execution of Olivia Pope’s senior associate at OPA, it’s more than likely that Columbus Short’s character is still alive and well. However, Shonda Rhimes, creator of the critically acclaimed series, was quick to dismiss that theory during her latest interview with TV Guide.

“It’s safe to assume that Harrison has met his end,” she said, her words penetrating our hearts like a dagger.

Harrison’s demise isn’t the most scandalous news in the world, considering the actor revealed in late April that he wouldn’t be returning to the political drama. When Short made his announcement, rumors flooded the Internet suggesting that Rhimes would be replacing Short with another actor to carry on the role of Harrison. But she made sure to shut the gossip down – Olivia Pope style.

“Um, @Deadline? Handle yourself,” Rhimes tweeted out after calling out the faux revelation.

“I’ve never heard of Eric West,” Rhimes responded to the rumors that the actor would be the replacing Short. “Harrison is not being recast EVER. How about reporters CHECK THEIR SOURCES before running with a story?”

Do you wish Rhimes would recast Harrison for Season 4, or are you pleased that she’s determined to preserve the character of Pope’s right-hand man, who appeared in the very first episode of “Scandal”? Sound off in the comments section below and make sure you tune in for more updates on your favorite drama before the show premieres on Sept. 25.