Sorry, Gladiators. You’re going to have to wait a few weeks to find out what comes next on ABC’s “Scandal.”

Thursday night’s installment of the series featured quite the jaw-dropper. Abby (Darby Stanchfield) was certain that Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) got his reporter girlfriend pregnant. However, the truth was far worse. She was visiting a medical facility to talk to former U.S. Vice President Andrew Nichols (Jon Tenney).

For those who don’t remember, Andrew was the one responsible for organizing Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) kidnapping in an attempt to push Fitz toward going to war. His plotting came back to bite him when Huck (Guillermo Díaz) injected him with a serum that caused him to have a stroke.

After some rehabilitation, Andrew could talk again — and he wanted to spill the beans on everything that happened. With all the players’ necks on the line, they attempted to pay off Andrew to squash the story. But money wasn’t Andrew’s endgame. After Abby turned the tables and convinced Andrew to spin a story about Mellie (Bellamy Young) instead, Olivia decided to take control of the situation. With flashbacks to her kidnapping fresh on her mind, Olivia beat the former vice president to death. But that wasn’t even the scariest part. Upon exiting the room, Olivia warned Abby not to “cross” her again.

Episode 18 of Season 5 will air Thursday, April 21. The episode, titled “Till Death Do Us Part,” will find Olivia dealing “with the aftermath of what she’s done.” And, unfortunately for her, that’s not the only thing on her plate. After weeks of spying, Olivia finally figures out what Jake (Scott Foley) and Rowan (Joe Morton) are doing. Although their goal is unclear to viewers, their plan is already in motion. According to the synopsis, Olivia will have to make a “gut-wrenching attempt to try and stop it.”

Meanwhile, “Scandal” fans will also be treated to a flashback of Jake’s past. Viewers will learn how he got tangled up with Rowan and B613 in the first place.

“Scandal” Season 5, episode 18 will air on ABC Thursday, April 21, at 9 p.m. EDT.