Last year's drama Shame put Micheal Fassbender on the map as one of the most promising emerging talents out there. Since then, adoring female fans have wondered as to his relationship status. Yet he seemed quite content in his bachelor ways stating:

It's very difficult to maintain a relationship doing this kind of job, He told OK! UK. I know people do manage to maintain marriages and relationships within it, but I'm pretty selfish in terms of how I work and the time I take. I disappear, I don't see my friends for like four weeks, or very seldomly I see them, so it's not fair on a partner when you're not there and [not] investing [or] giving them something to sort of work with.

The actor has been busy indeed, he starred in 4 major films in 2011, such as X-Men: First Class and A Dangerous Method. This year he starred in Haywire and the upcoming Prometheus.  Yet it has just been revealed that the actor is romantically involved with his Shame costar! The raunchy drama portrayed the perils of sex addition. Fassbender's character, Brandon, is unable to function without bedding a variety of conquests....sometimes in a single day. His only form of solace emerges in his flirtatious relationship with his co-worker Marianne (Nicole Beharie). The two share an innocent Manhattan dinner date and the unthinkable happens...he doesn't try to sleep with her. Their scenes together show an interesting chemistry that's intriguing to watch . This is apparent in the scenes below and in photos of their recent outing.