A Four-year-old girl was reduced to tears this week, after being banned from her school photo for fashioning her hair into a large bow. 

Marcella Marino was not allowed to feature in the photo because the hairdo, which has been exhibited by the likes of Lady Gaga, breaches her school's dress code. 

Her father, a hairdresser, fashioned his daughter's hair in that style after she asked him to make her look like a princess, the Sun reported. 

Marcella asked me if I could do her hair like a princess for the school photo and I came up with a simple but elegant style, using her hair to make a bow, the girl's father, Marcello Marino, told the Sun. I thought it looked wonderful and Marcella loved it, but when she went for the school photo on Monday (May 21) she was told she wasn't allowed to wear her hair in that style because of the dress code.

Marcello Marino explained that his daughter's hair wasn't in a braid, which is clearly against the school's dress code. 

The school photo at Ramsgate Holy Trinity Primary School was cancelled in the end because of a conflict with dates, but Marcella Marino's father was told not to style his daughter's hair in that way again for class or school photos. 

Marcella is so sad - she thought she looked like a princess, but now the school says it is not allowed, Marcello Marino told the Sun. The school permits hair bows but only in the style of a dark blue, navy or maroon ribbon, a spokesperson for the school told the Sun. 

Not the First Headline For The Marino Family 

This isn't the first time the Marino family has made headlines. Marcello, who runs a Hair Salon in Ramsgate, England, featured in the news after he received 1,000 hate messages for his behavior on the TV show Come Dine With Me

The hairdresser became increasingly unpopular for his outspoken and rude comments about the other contender's food. He told one woman that her food looked like a sick bag, Sky News reported.

His obnoxious comments weren't just about food. You've got a beautiful face but it's a shame about your hair, he told contender, Lydia Jones. 

After receiving hate mail, Marcello Marino said, I didn't realise how rude I was. That's not me - I'm a nice guy really. It's all staged and my role was to play the bad guy.