Maria Shriver has filed for divorce from husband Arnold Schwarzenegger that will split around $400 million in assets, but the former California Governor has signified in the papers filed with the courts that he has no plans to pay alimony to Shriver.

The star indicated in an AP report that he is also not interested in issuing checks for attorney fees as the celebrity couple faces a legal battle that will end their 25-year marriage.

The move to not give Shriver attorney’s fees reflects the high point of disagreement from the initial petition for divorce that was filed on July 1 by Shriver, who was also a former TV journalist.

Arnold and Maria are looking for joint custody of their two sons, aged 17 and 13. The couple has two more daughters, Katherine Eunice, 22 and Christina Maria Aurelia, 20.

The ex-couple had entered into a prenuptial agreement by which Shriver is entitled to half of the assets they had acquired during their marriage, under California law.

The two announced their split in May shortly after Schwarzenegger ended his term as California Governor. He later admitted fathering a child to the family’s former household keeper.