Sci-Fi Technology That Scientists Are Actually Working On

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Warp Drive
Warp drive, a faster-than-light propulsion system used in nearly every sci-fi show from Star Trek to Doctor Who to Battlestar Galactica, violates Einstein’s theory of relativity. After all, nothing can travel faster than light, right? Sort of. A hypothetical theory called the Alcubierre drive may have a way around that. Imagined in 1994, the Alcubierre drive deforms the geometry of space, forming a bubble that a ship could ride like a wave. Inside the bubble, the ship would remain stationary, so light within the bubble would travel faster than the ship itself. The Alcubierre drive is hypothetical. Even if it did work, there is the pesky problem of the ship vaporizing everyone in front of it when it stops moving. As the ship deforms the geometry of space, particles that get caught in the bubble deform as well. When the ship stops, “any people at the destination would be gamma ray and high energy particle blasted into oblivion” from the force of the particles bursting forth, according to a study on the Alcubierre drive published Feb. 24. Reuters

The Jetsons animated sitcom was set  50 years away in 2062 yet flying cars, jetpacks andautomatic breakfast machines imagined in the show still don't exist, nor does anyone have their very own Rosie the Robot.

But that doesn't mean that scientists aren't trying.

Below are some sci-fi tech projects scientists are working on that may make your life feel a little more futuristic.

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