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  • Weight Loss
    Doctors Not Helping Overweight Patients: Survey

    February 22 2011 10:55 AM EST

    Many doctors are doing little or nothing to help their overweight or obese patients to lose weight but many of them have made new year resolutions for weight loss, according to a new Harris Poll.

  • Chocolate Milk the Best Post Workout Recovery Drink

    February 19 2011 3:23 PM EST

    Surprising, right? Usually, when we think of chocolate milk, we think of children grabbing the sugary drink in the lunch line at school much to the dismay of their parents.

  • Your Ultimate 10 to 1 Workout

    February 19 2011 2:59 PM EST

    Are you searching for a new exercise routine to get motivated again? There are hundreds upon hundreds of different workout routines and the goal is to find one that works for you

  • Fiber from Whole Grains gave the greatest benefit compare to Vegetables and Beans

    February 19 2011 1:32 PM EST

    We've heard for years that fiber is good for us in many different facets. It helps keep us regular, fills us up, and has even been shown toprevent cancer. Now, this miracle substance can lead to a longer life.

  • Diet Shortcuts Will Short Change You

    February 15 2011 12:22 PM EST

    After enjoying a lovely weekend with my girlfriends, one of them said to the group how beginning Monday she would be eating salads to make up for the two days of indulging.

  • Why Side Aches Are Such a Pain in the Abs

    February 15 2011 12:14 PM EST

    There's no doubt that you've been walking or running along, and all of a sudden you get a stabbing sensation in your side that makes you stop in your tracks. Anyone that exercises has experienced a side ache, and anyone that's had one wants to know how to avoid them.

  • For any food to be considered as organic, it must not be made with the use of anything artificial such as hormones, pesticides, herbicides or any form of genetic engineering.
    Organic Weight Loss for Women

    February 14 2011 6:36 PM EST

    Much is made in our society today about living in a green manner. An organic diet is one way of becoming a little more natural and establishing a healthy lifestyle.

  • Red snappers lay on ice for sale at JMS Seafood, a fish wholesaler in the New Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx section of New York City June 21, 2010. Fish caught from the wild have a higher level of omega-3 fatty acids than farm-raised fish.
    Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Secret to Disease-Free Living

    February 12 2011 1:55 PM EST

    Inflammation is a major health problem, particularly as we get older. The term inflammation refers to a pretty broad spectrum of health issues, including symptoms such as pain, swelling, and redness of an affected organ or tissue.

  • Valentine’s Day - Top 5 iPhone, iPad Apps to Make Your Day Lovelier!
    Eating Healthy on Valentine's Day

    February 11 2011 1:44 PM EST

    Historically, Valentine's Day is a day full of boxes of chocolates, fancy dinners out, candy hearts and chocolate candy roses. For someone trying to lose weight or maintain a healthier lifestyle,

  • Zachary Frantzen (L) and Fernanda Garcia-Villanueva serve themselves healthy snacks after a graduation ceremony from the 10-week Shapedown Program at The Children's Hospital in Aurora, Colorado May 29, 2010.
    How the New Dietary Guidelines Affect Your Children

    February 05 2011 9:31 PM EST

    Every five years, the USDA and Department of Health and Human Services work together to update the Dietary Guidelines to reflect changing and new research.

  • How to Satisfy Your Salt Craving

    February 05 2011 9:03 PM EST

    Your mouth waters and your mind wanders. You're eating a deliciously balanced plate of grilled chicken and green beans with a whole grain roll but something is missing. You know what it is: you left the salt shaker in the kitchen. The question is, do you go and get it? Cutting salt out of your diet can be a difficult process,

  • Comic: Super Bowl Tackles Diets

    February 05 2011 8:59 PM EST

    Super Bowl Tackles Diets

  • How to Follow the New Dietary Guidelines

    February 03 2011 1:16 PM EST

    In 2005 the US Department of Agriculture's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion made major changes to the Food Guide Pyramid. Vertical stripes replaced the building blocks to help represent moderation by the narrowing of each group from bottom to top, proportionality by the different widths of the stripes, variety by the new colors introduced, and the importance of physical activity and gradual improvement through the steps and slogan Steps to a Healthier You.

  • February is American Heart Month

    February 03 2011 1:09 PM EST

    The updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans have finally been released and although they are a month late, and really not much different from the 2005 version, they address some vital concerns, including heart disease.

  • Top Fitness-Friendly Honeymoon Locations

    February 03 2011 12:55 PM EST

    Are you searching for the perfect honeymoon location? What about a fitness-friendly honeymoon location? You could have the best of both worlds: spend valuable time with your loved one while you exercise and stay active. By implementing fitness into your honeymoon, you can build a strong foundation centered around health and wellness.

  • Store brand organics can often run at half the price of their name brand counterparts.
    Buying Organic Food on a Budget

    January 30 2011 2:19 PM EST

    You WILL pay more for organic than conventionally produced food, BUT you DON'T have to pay full price! Plus there's some money saving alternatives you may want to consider.

  • Yoga for Couples

    January 30 2011 2:14 PM EST

    Just in time for Valentine's Day, yoga is a healthy and fun way to celebrate the holiday. In fact, many yoga studios all across the country host yoga for couples classes during the month of February. Yoga for couples attracts not just romantic couples, but friends who share a love of yoga or pals who just want something different to do on the Hallmark holiday.

  • Correct Common Mistakes Made in the Weight Room

    January 29 2011 1:36 PM EST

    Many people enjoy lifting weights and have been doing it for years; however, there are some common mistakes that seem to keep people from reaching their goals. These are simple to fix, and can enhance anyone's current workout program.

  • Bugs Are a Better Source of Protein

    January 29 2011 1:12 PM EST

    The question really should be: 'Why do we NOT eat insects? says Marcel Dicke, a food scientist and heal of entomology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. He argues that bugs provide a healthier, more economic and green source of protein.

  • Remembering Jack LaLanne

    January 24 2011 1:08 PM EST

    Famous muscleman, fitness guru, and living well advocate Jack LaLanne passed away yesterday at the age of 96. Remember his work with this collection of videos and links.