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  • Real-Life Unicorn, Danny [PHOTOS]

    July 06 2012 8:53 PM EDT

    A horse became an unwilling unicorn after he was found with a piece of wood wedged into his skull, NBC's reported. The horse's owner, Tommasina Ashley, was in shock when she found out that her 30-year-old horse, Danny, had been impaled by a nine-inch piece of wood.

  • Snapping That One In A Million Cancer Cell: UCLA Research

    July 06 2012 4:33 PM EDT

    A new camera setup devised by UCLA engineers can pick out one breast cancer cell among a million blood cells.

  • Growth Hormone Tied To Higher Eye Pressure In Kids

    July 06 2012 9:09 AM EDT

    Growth hormone is generally considered safe, and although the new study raises a red flag, its significance is unclear.

  • Pfizer Yanks Breast, Colon Claims For Centrum Vitamins

    July 06 2012 9:02 AM EDT

    A consumer group said Pfizer partly based its claims that Centrum products promote breast and colon health on the presence of vitamin D in the products, despite inconsistent or inconclusive evidence of vitamin D's protective role against breast and colon cancer.

  • An overweight Brazilian woman walks on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro,
    Sunscreen Pill Made From Coral Could Make Suntan Lotion Obsolete [VIDEO]

    July 05 2012 4:36 PM EDT

    Good news beachgoers! A sunscreen pill made from coral could one day render suntan lotion nearly obsolete, which would mean no more slathering on the sunblock every time you hit the beach.

  • Cat Lady Suicide? Toxoplasma Gondii Parasite Linked To Suicide [VIDEO]

    July 05 2012 4:03 PM EDT

    Cat ladies have gotten a bad rap over the years for being aging spinster women who failed at acquiring human companions, so instead procured hoards of feline friends to fill their lack of human interaction. But according to a new study there's evidence that a parasite found in cat feces increases the chances for women who own cats to kill themselves, resulting in cat lady suicide.

  • With CPR, Two Bystanders Are Better Than One: Study

    July 05 2012 9:16 AM EDT

    A Japanese study found that among more than 5,000 adults who went into cardiac arrest outside of a hospital, the odds of surviving were up to two times higher when more than one person tried to help.

  • India To Give Free Generic Drugs To Hundreds Of Millions

    July 05 2012 9:03 AM EDT

    From city hospitals to tiny rural clinics, India's public doctors will soon be able to prescribe free generic drugs to all comers, vastly expanding access to medicine in a country where public spending on health was just $4.50 per person last year.

  • Scientists Decipher Baby's DNA Sequence Just From Mother's Blood, Dad's DNA Not As Useful

    July 04 2012 4:47 PM EDT

    Scientists have found a non-invasive way to sequence a baby's genome before birth, allowing parents and doctors to screen the child for a range of diseases and conditions.

  • U.S. Independence Day Fireworks
    Fireworks Eye Injuries Caused By Shrapnel, Not Blasts

    July 04 2012 10:13 AM EDT

    There are more than 2,000 eye injuries from fireworks every year in the United States, most occurring during Independence Day celebrations, but the exact mechanism behind the injuries had escaped researchers until now.

  • Superbug Infections Dropping Across US, Army Finds

    July 04 2012 10:11 AM EDT

    A new study shows that bloodstream infections caused by MRSA, short for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, are dropping amongst military personnel, signaling that the superbug may be on the decline throughout the US.

  • Coffee Addiction Reduces IVF Success: Study

    July 03 2012 4:34 PM EDT

    If you're on fertility treatments, you may want to nix that triple-latte.

  • WHO Probing Child Deaths From Unknown Disease In Cambodia

    July 03 2012 9:21 AM EDT

    All but one of the 61 children admitted to hospital with the diseases had died with rapid deterioration of respiratory function, the WHO said.

  • GSK Settles Healthcare Fraud Case For $3 Billion

    July 03 2012 9:14 AM EDT

    GSK targeted the antidepressant Paxil to patients under age 18 when it was approved for adults only, and it pushed the drug Wellbutrin for uses it was not approved for, including weight loss and treatment of sexual dysfunction, according to an investigation led by the U.S. Justice Department.

  • Ed Damiano (right) delivers insulin to his son David, at the family's home in Acton, Mass. Damiano is working on a bionic pancreas that will automatically control blood glucose in people with type 1 diabetes.
    Global Pharma Giants Feed On Smaller Biotech Makers

    July 02 2012 4:23 PM EDT

    Bristol-Myers Squibbs' takeover of Amylin follows the trend of pharma companies that are acquiring biotech companies to benefit from growing medical needs, offset patent losses and boost their internal pipeline productivity.

  • Prostate Surgery Tied To Need For Bladder Surgery

    July 02 2012 9:40 AM EDT

    A new study is the first to suggest that urinary incontinence may be a long-term problem for men many years after their prostate surgery, according to the researchers.

  • newborn
    Small Babies At Higher Risk Of Autism, Not Asperger

    July 02 2012 9:24 AM EDT

    After accounting for the mother's age, smoking, number of previous births and other factors, researchers found an increased risk of autism, but not Asperger syndrome, in preemies and babies that were very small at birth.

  • Endless Summer Dangers: From Brain Freeze To Water Parks

    June 30 2012 2:26 PM EDT

    Summer is upon us, with dreams of ice cream, vacation, and lounging in the sun. But all of these activities have an element of danger to them.

  • obamacare tea protest
    NYC Public Hospitals See Big Financial Hit From Healthcare Law

    June 29 2012 9:47 AM EDT

    The nation's biggest public hospital system says that although health care reform means people will have insurance, this will not make up for the loss of Medicaid funds.

  • Obamacare 2
    Sick Americans Relieved At High Court Health Ruling

    June 29 2012 9:27 AM EDT

    Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act led by President Barack Obama, people like 59-year-old freelance writer Gail Richardson could be eligible for insurance under an expanded Medicaid program for low-income earners now that the highest U.S. court has rejected a challenge to the law's constitutionality.