This one is sure for the connoisseur. A special edition of perfume packed in three exquisite Baccarat Crystal flacons will go on sale at the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie in Harrods, London's famous luxury store.

This stunning presentation is a tribute to the finest English and French craftsmanship and encapsulates 175 years of perfume history.

English perfume company Grossmith has worked with French crystal maker Maison Baccarat to find and re-use the original moulds, first commissioned in 1919 for its 'Serie de Luxe' range.

Each flacon is made of hand-blown crystal and etched with pure gold. The design is a contemporary interpretation of the original Grossmith designs and bears both the Baccarat estampille and Grossmith monogram on its base.

While the Hasu-no-Hana (1888) has been created to evoke the Japanese Lotus Lily, Shem-el-Nessim (1906) has the scents of Arab and is named after an Egyptian springtime festival. The Phul-Nana (1891) best describes the bouquet of India's choicest flowers.

The flacons are kept in a hand-crafted wooden 'coffret', finished in six layers of white piano lacquer, lined in midnight blue velvet. And to open this you need a golden key.

The Baccarat presentation will be available to order, with a three-month delivery time, priced at £6,000 for a single presentation and the triple at £18,000.