Today before the opening bell, Scorpex, Inc. reported the current status of its 26-acre site located at Fraccion A-2 Del Rancho El Encinito KM 18.7 Carretera A Ensenada – OJOS Delegacion Real Del Castillo, Ensenada, B.C.CP 22800. Located less than two miles from the current landfill near Ensenada, Mexico, the site was chosen after consultation with numerous officials and realtors.

On-site improvements recently completed include a 10,000 square foot specifically-designed storage facility with 22 foot ceiling, a “catch” drainage system, and emergency sprinkler system. Property upgrades include a water reservoir, septic system and one mile of 13 foot high security fencing around the property. Additionally, the company has completed extensive land use, permitting and ecological studies. The property has undergone three years of applications, permitting and governmental required studies.

Joseph Caywood, Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We have made remarkable progress over the past several years, building a solid foundation for moving forward. The Company’s near-term plans include paved roads, complete storage facilities, scales, construction of a larger guard shack, on-site offices, lights on perimeter of property, additional wiring, engaging two construction companies and installation of gasification/thermal oxidation equipment.”

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