Scorpex, the uniquely positioned waste management firm headed up by seasoned industry veteran Joe Caywood, with incredible proficiencies in handling toxic/hazardous industrial waste and utilizing state-of-the-art thermal waste gasification technologies, is nearing the opening of its first facility in Baja, Mexico.

Just three miles from the current landfill in Ensenada, this new facility has achieved compliance with all local, state and federal guidance. The over 24-acre site is an ideal location considering the massive amount of industrial waste now being created within Mexico as multiple companies have flocked to the region, with the new Toyota plant being a major example. Because SRPX has secured commitments from several companies within Baja already, in addition to possessing NAFTA clearance for processing US waste, the Company is ready to see explosive growth.

Caywood is so serious about making a huge move in the sector that he isn’t currently concerned with the waste to energy capabilities of the environmentally sustainable gasification technology being provided by contractor International Environmental Technologies, Inc. (IET). Rather than jump through the hoops required to market the electricity that would be produced, or change the business model and mess with this concept in what is a massively underserved market, the Company has simply recalibrated the machines to focus solely on processing waste.

Nevertheless, the IET technology will afford an 800 ton per day processing capacity that will act as a buffer to the primary storage facility, creating no emissions and no noise as the material is simply cooked down in an oxygen starved environment.

The Company has received approval to build as many as ten storage structures on the site and is currently ready with the first of such structures, a 10k square foot facility that has been upgraded with a water reservoir and septic system. These storage structures are engineered from the start by a team that benefits from years of dealing with waste storage, designed with a concrete floor and special catch drainage system, and featuring an advanced fire sprinkler system.

Scorpex is ready to offer Mexico a huge new environmental solution and the secured commitments in Baja offer a tangible projected income framework. In addition, manufacturers and waste haulers in the US will benefit a great deal by having an affordable waste solution just south of the border, with easy access to markets like San Diego and Los Angeles.

The Company is working hand-in-hand with the local community, as well as expert consultants, in order to established a harmonious presence in the Baja Region and stands to reap the rich rewards as it is essentially the only show in town, providing full spectrum and environmentally sound waste handling services to multiple industries that are desperately in need.

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