Scorpex, Inc. was very pleased to announce this morning that PROFEPA, the agency in Mexico responsible for monitoring and enforcing environmental laws, has granted clearance to the company for obtaining “Use” and “Operational” permits. Many of the employees of the environmental protection agency have visited and inspected the site numerous times and participated in the studies pertaining to the project.

Use permits from federal, state, and city governments, in addition to a federal operational permit, are necessary for the operation of a full service waste disposal and recycling company. To obtain these permits, the Company has complied with all governmental regulatory guidelines and directives, conducted feasibility studies, and worked hand-in-hand with government officials on key issues pertaining to zoning, road studies, environmental guidelines, land and health issues, as well as employment issues.

Joseph Caywood, Chief Executive Officer of Scorpex, commented, “Over the past several years, Scorpex has overcome numerous hurdles in order to meet the stringent requirements of Mexico. This most recent approval gives the Company a positive recommendation and the assurance that it has complied with and passed all required testing and studies as well as the requirements for the planned and presently completed property infrastructure, build outs and improvements.”

In conclusion, Mr. Caywood added, “The Company is now poised to receive use and operational permits after carefully complying with all of the requests from the federal, state, and municipal governments to date. We are very pleased with the progress we are making towards the establishment of our first fully operational facility and the execution of our business plan.”

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