The “Scorpion” Season 3 premiere brought a big development for Walter (Elyes Gabel) and Paige (Katharine McPhee) relationship-wise...sort of. Walter feels it's time to tell Paige the truth about how he truly feels for her, but his confession doesn't exactly go the way he expects it to.

The two-hour installment, titled "Civil War" and "More Civil War,"  proves to be challenging not only for Walter and Paige, but for all of Team Scorpion. They are tasked to track down a group of Bulgarian hackers who pits the members of the military against each other and tries to kill thousands of citizens. But though Walter and Co. manage to complete their mission, the former's personal woes aren't as easily solved.

Prior to their new task, Walter follows Paige and Tim (Scott Porter) to Lake Tahoe while the two are on their date. Upon arriving there, Walter sees her making out with Tim, so he chickens out before he could tell Paige about his feelings. However, he tries to sabotage the pair's date by making sure that they sleep in two different rooms and that they couldn’t dine together at a restaurant.

To make things worse, Walter receives a call from Cabe (Robert Patrick) who tells him about their mission. As a result, Paige and Tim find out that Walter was in Tahoe all along. The latter tries to say that he's there for the jazz festival, but the couple knows that he is there for Paige.

Later, Walter gets another opportunity to come clean to Paige about what he truly feels for her, but she isn't interested in hearing what he has to say. She thinks Walter had been acting like a jealous child when he tried to ruin her date in Lake Tahoe. But as she walks away, Walter suddenly blurts out, “I came to Lake Tahoe to tell you I love you.” Paige doesn’t hear him, but unfortunately, Tim does.

In the end, Cabe discourages Walter from saying anything to Paige because it may just ruin their relationship and the dynamic of Team Scorpion. Walter agrees that now isn’t the best time to pursue Paige.

Meanwhile, Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) tries to find information about Happy's (Jadyn Wong) husband, but he meets a dead end. Last season, Toby was devastated when Happy turned down his proposal as it turns out she's still married to her estranged husband. Now, Happy talks Toby out of delving deeper into her past. For her part, Happy promises Toby that she will break her remaining ties with her ex so their relationship could finally progress. 

“Scorpion” Season 3 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.