Scott Disick paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a woman to keep his affair a secret, David Weintraub, his former manager and friend, has claimed in the latest issue of Life & Style magazine. The allegation comes soon after it was revealed that Kourtney Kardashian had allowed her longtime boyfriend, and the father of her three kids, to cheat on her when he was away.

Weintraub reportedly claimed that Disick cheated on Kourtney with “countless” women and also paid one of them nearly $200,000 to keep their encounter a secret. Weintraub also claimed that Disick and rapper Tyga were partying at a strip club in Las Vegas about a year ago, where the model "was doing drugs" and got involved with several girls, adding that he and Kourtney were in an open relationship.

“Scott says they have an arrangement, kind of an open marriage,” Weintraub reportedly said. “When he’s away, [Scott] can live the way he wants to live.”

Disick and Kourtney have had a tumultuous relationship through their seven years together allegedly because of the former's alleged addiction to cocaine. Life & Style magazine reported in its latest edition that Disick had suffered a cocaine overdose. 

"They have broken up at least 20 times in the years they've been together," Weintraub alleged, adding that Kourtney tried resolving the issues for the sake of their children.

Weintraub also revealed that Kourtney, who expressed concern over Disick's drug abuse, used to do drugs with him before they had children, according to Radar Online, adding that Kim Kardashian's elder sister has a sex tape with her former boyfriend that was made before she met Disick.

"Why does she need to marry him? She knows she can't really trust him," Weintraub reportedly said. "She got her kids and she's worth five times what he is."