Wrestling Legend Scott Hall, who was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend Friday evening, says the police overreacted.

According to Lisa Howell, Hall had been drinking for several days. Howell also confirms the fact he tried choking her and pulled her out of her driver's seat during the physical altercation.

When police were called over domestic disturbances, they noted the red marks around the victim's neck and arrested Hall. They also noted that white foam was coming from around the edges of Hall's lips.

But Hall insisted that he never got violent with his girlfriend, TMZ reported.

Loredana Nesci, Hall's attorney, told TMZ , Scott did NOT choke out his girlfriend Lisa Howell -- even though Lisa told cops the wrestling legend grabbed her by the throat in a drunken fit of rage outside his Florida home, and tried to pull her out of her car.

Police claims that they detected multiple signs of physical injury on Howell's body.

But according to Nesci, The police arrested Hall against the wishes of Howell, who insisted that the argument did not result in violence. Howell claims that there was no physical abuse.

However, Howell has refused to press charges, and Nesci maintained that, Scott and Lisa have a peaceful and amicable relationship.