This time, it was a Wisconsin Republican in Illinois.

Scott Walker, the Republican Governor who courted national controversy for his budget plan which many said was anti-union, gave a breakfast speech to the Chicago Union League Club Thursday morning to discuss reforming state budgets, the Huffington Post reported. There were protests outside the hall planned, but some protests got in to the speech.

They disrupted the speech by chanting the Occupy movement's now-famous We are the 99 percent!

In February, Democratic Senators left Wisconsin for Illinois to try to prevent the passage of Walker's bill, which resulted in pay decreases and a loss of some collective bargaining rights for public employees.

Walker addressed the protesters as they left, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The bottom line is, no matter how loud you shout, the facts are the facts, he said. The facts are that our reforms have worked and continue to work in the state of Wisconsin.

Walker remains controversial in his state, where the Tribune said there is a movement to recall him.