The Chanels are back, baby! And it looks like Chanel and her minions are ready to serve audiences a dosage of drama when Fox’s “Scream Queens” returns with its second installment this fall.

Recently, the cast of the hit dramedy shared a slew of behind-the-scenes photos that teased their new roles in upcoming series. Emma Roberts, who plays the lovable bully Chanel Oberlin, will trade her former sorority title as Kappa Tau president in for a pair of latex surgical gloves come Season 2. The actress shared a photo of herself and Billie Lourd, who portrays Chanel No. 5, both sporting a nurse’s ensemble complete with a pink, bedazzled cap.

“#5 where you at?” Roberts captioned the photo, questioning the whereabouts of Abigail Breslin, who portrays Chanel No. 5.


#5 where you at? @abbienormal9 @praisethelourd #ScreamQueens

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While Roberts and Lourd will play Dean Munsch’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) employees at her hospital, which is where the Season 2 storyline takes place, Breslin will take on an even darker role. Since the Season 2 script of “Scream Queens” was distributed on June 24, Breslin has teased that she’s been embodying “Girl, Interrupted” antihero Lisa Rowe (Angelina Jolie). Could Breslin be hinting that she’ll be a patient at Munsch’s mental institution — one that is just as devious and manipulative as Lisa from the 1999 film?

That’s not the only behind-the-scenes image that has fans theorizing. Lourd also had fans scratching their heads when she posted a picture of her “Scream Queens” alter ego and John Stamos’ character, Dr. Brock Holt, cuddling up with one another for a promo photo. Stamos also posted a picture of the two to his Instagram account, proving that Chanel No. 3’s relationship with the doctor will be an important one come Season 2.


___ #whosyodaddy #hbd2me #screamqueensseason2boo

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In addition, Chanel No. 3 will cozy up to another one of Munsch’s surgeons: Dr. Cassidy Cascade, played by Taylor Launter. Entertainment Weekly dished that Lourd’s character will form a bond with the doctor, who has a “bizarre medical condition.” But we hope Chanel No. 3 doesn’t get too close to Cassidy considering the strange doctor will end up as a prime suspect for the impending drama set to hit Munsch’s mental institution.

“Scream Queens” will return with Season 2 on Fox Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 9 p.m. EDT.