Being in police custody for murder is bad … but what happens when the REAL killer shows up in the middle of the road? In the case of the “Scream” 2 finale, you crash into a telephone pole!

Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) are horrified when their mask tormentor causes the police officer to veer into a pole. But the crashed car is the least of their problems. The officer is immediately stabbed by the Brandon James killer —And then he sets his eyes on the teens. He doesn’t want to kill them though. He wants to play a game.

The killer unlocks the police car door and drops them the keys to the handcuffs before taking off. Emma and Audrey decide to take the opportunity to run, but not before grabbing the dead police officer’s gun.

Things are not looking good for them. Their former teacher Ms. Lang (Austin Highsmith) is trying to sell Sheriff Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar) a story called the “Madness of Two.” The twisted teacher thinks that Emma and Audrey can’t move past the trauma they experienced after Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire) killing spree so they keep replaying it without being aware of what they’re doing. However, it’s clear to viewers that that’s not the case.

Emma and Audrey end up at a convenience store and are about to ask the cashier if they could use his phone when it begins to ring — it’s the killer. He warns them that he’ll kill someone they care about if they turn themselves in or get caught. While they can certainly avoid turning themselves into the police, it might not be as easy to avoid capture. Their photos are plastered all over the TV’s as wanted convicts.

The two teens decide to seek shelter at the local theater that Audrey works at. But Emma needs to see Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) first. She sneaks into his room to reunite with him and tell him about her plan to head to the theater until they can figure out their next move. Kieran is ready to be by her side. However, he’s got to dodge Eli (Sean Grandillo) first. His twisted cousin is eavesdropping at the door and barges in trying to catch him with Emma. She manages to sneak out in time, but the moment between the two relatives is tense, especially since Kieran believes that Eli is framing her.

While everyone appears to be suspicious of Eli, Gustavo (Santiago Segura) is trying to pin the murders on Audrey. He still hasn’t forgiven her for accusing him of being Piper’s accomplice, and tells Brooke (Carlson Young) that her friend is looking pretty bad right now. There is no denying that Brooke is upset about seeing Audrey  with Jake’s (Tom Maden) body in the viral video, but she doesn’t believe that Audrey or Emma had a hand in the murders. She forces Gustavo to leave her house, and he sneaks out the backdoor when he spots officers guarding the front.

Not sure of what to do, Brooke decides to visit Noah (John Karna) at the hospital. It’s there that the two receive a call from Audrey and Emma. They tell their friends that they’re hiding out at the theater, and Brooke and Noah immediately join them.

Now that the entire group has assembled, Emma hatches her plan. When the killer calls to taunt her she tells him to come to the theater and get her. The teens arm themselves by taking weapons that are on display for the theater’s “100th Anniversary Murderville” event and wait for the killer to show.

Brooke and Noah stand guard at the front to face the masked psycho. Noah’s making Brooke nervous with his talk about the “unmasking phase,” and the two jump when Gustavo shows up. He tells them to let them in, claiming that Brooke sent him a text inviting him to the theater. He shows the text as proof, but Brooke insists she never messaged him. Fearing that he’s the Brandon James killer, the two refuse to let him in. Gustavo angrily hits the door before leaving.

Brooke and Noah breathe a sigh of relief. However, a scream from inside the auditorium puts them back in panic mode. The group runs into the room only to discover that a home movie of all the killings is being projected. Horrified to watch their friends get slaughtered all over again, Emma runs up to the projector room to shut off the video. Meanwhile, Kieran goes to search for Audrey, who never made it into the auditorium. Unfortunately more chaos ensues when Emma shuts off the movie. With the auditorium pitch black, the killer makes his grand appearance and stabs Brooke.

Emma attempts to shoot the masked murderer, but fails to get a clean shot. Brooke’s lying bloody on the ground, but Emma can’t stay. The police arrive at the theater and Emma has to flee or risk getting captured.

Emma calls Kieran from Noah’s phone to check on Brooke — and it’s not good. She’s in surgery, but her condition is critical. Gustavo is taking it hard, and his dad finds him crying in the waiting room. Thinking back to his conversation with Ms. Lang, Sheriff Acosta just sits quietly next to his son, a supportive hand on him.

With time running out and the killer still on the loose, Noah uses the opportunity to tell Sheriff Acosta about his theory regarding Eli as the killer. He shows the Sheriff the photo of Eli at Will’s (Connor Weil) funeral, explaining that there is too much evidence going against Audrey and Emma. He encourages him to add another suspect onto his list. It’s not clear if Sheriff Acosta is willing to listen though.

Meanwhile, Emma gets another text from the killer. It’s “time to face the mask,” the message reads. The killer has Audrey, and he threatens to kill her if Emma doesn’t come alone. Emma tells Kieran that she’s going to end things with the masked psycho, but refuses to tell him where she’s going. This is something she has to do by herself.

Armed with a gun, Emma enters the abandoned Blessed Sisters school. Once inside she gets inside, the killer calls to taunt her. He says that he’s been “waiting a long time” for this moment and is “savoring the final destruction” of Emma and her loved ones. As for why he lured her to the Blessed Sisters school? It’s where Piper grew up after being abandoned by Emma’s mother. It’s also the place that made her the woman she became.

“You’ll never feel safe again, Emma,” he warns.

The killer comes out from behind and slices her arm. Emma shoots, but misses. Fortunately she’s not alone in her battle. She finds Audrey bound to a chair, but her friend is unconscious. Emma’s trying to wake her when Kieran comes running in. He starts to explain that he made Noah ping his phone so that he could help her, but is interrupted when Eli comes in behind him. Eli’s bleeding and is claiming that Kieran attacked him from behind. He continues that he’s been suspicious of his cousin, and followed him to the Blessed Sisters school. He played dead after Kieran stabbed him, and called the police to tell them that the killer was his cousin.

But is Eli setting up Kieran? Emma doesn’t know what to think, especially when Eli starts explaining that Kieran was responsible for the restraining order that was taken out against him, and that he only came to Lakewood to get back at Kieran.

“That’s the truth,” he says. “That’s all there is.”

Kieran fires back that Eli is the obsessed one, and that he’s really the killer. This sets Eli off, and he runs at Kieran to attack him. Frightened to see her boyfriend being attacked with a knife, Emma shoots at Eli.

With Eli crumpled up on the floor, Kieran embraces Emma and tells her that she will “feel safe again.” But something isn’t sitting right with Emma. The killer said something eerily similar just a short time ago. That’s when it clicks in her head — Kieran is the killer.

“Tell me that I’m wrong,” she pleads.

Unfortunately, it’s true. Her boyfriend has been the killer all along. Eli makes one last attempt to attack Kieran from behind, but he swiftly turns around and shoots Eli a couple more times.

“You know, he probably really liked you,” he tells Emma. “And the best part is, you just told me you love me.”

With the gun pointed at Audrey, Kieran begins to explain everything. He and Piper were together, and had a strong hatred for his dad, Sheriff Hudson (Jason Wiles), and Emma’s mom, Maggie (Tracy Middendorf).He was upset that his dad abandoned him in Atlanta, and Piper never forgave Maggie for dumping her as a child. So when the pair found out that Sheriff Hudson and Maggie were dating, they decided to get revenge. They wanted the Lakewood Sheriff and medical examiner to “look like idiots” with these murders happening right under their noses. He continues that they were going to end their killing spree by murdering his dad, then Emma, and finally her mother. They killed Sheriff Hudson, but didn’t get to finish when Piper was shot by Audrey. Kieran was Piper’s final surprise.

“Surprise … your boyfriend is banging your crazy half-sister, and we’re both about to kill you,” he taunts her.

His game plan is to kill Emma and Audrey and frame them to make it look as if they lured him to the Blessed Sisters school as their last victim.

“I’ll be the new hero,” he says.

Audrey slides a chair across the room to distract Kieran, giving Emma the chance to escape. However, Emma’s not willing to let Audrey die. She runs, but not before telling Kieran that if he lets her escape, everything will have been for nothing. Dragging Audrey with him, he warns Emma that he could make her death easy or hard. But Emma’s not willing to go down without a fight. She pushes shelving onto Kieran, knocking the gun from his hand in the process.

Now in possession of the gun, Emma begins to taunt her twisted beau.

“How does it feel to be helpless?” she asks, firing off a round. ”How does it feel to be hunted?”

With the gun pointed at him, Emma’s able to corner him and give Audrey the opportunity to restrain him with the chains she has attached to her hands. Audrey wants Emma to shoot him, and Kieran even tells her to pull the trigger. She puts the gun to his head, but tells him that she’s not going to kill him.

“You’re going to rot in prison,” she says. “Because you lost at your own sick game.”

Sheriff Acosta and the police rush in and cart Kieran away, finally clearing Audrey and Emma of all involvement in the murders.

The “Scream” Season 2 finale jumps ahead three months, with Noah narrating on his podcast. Brooke’s fully recovered and is eating dinner with Gustavo and Sheriff Acosta, and her beau is now drawing happy comics instead of deadly ones.

“Maybe the best way to move forward is to put it all behind us,” Noah says in a voiceover. “If we can.”

But is the cycle of killing really over? Are things really back to normal? The final moments of episode 12 set the series up for a third season. Maggies goes out to the tree in her backyard and discovers that the note she left for Brandon James telling him to stay away from Emma now has a bloody mark on it and is tacked onto the tree with a knife.

Meanwhile, Kieran receives a call from his lawyer in jail.

Hello, Kieran. Who told you you could wear my mask?” the voice of Brandon James says.