The mystery deepens on MTV’s new TV series, “Scream.” A killer is on the loose in Lakewood, and no one is safe from him. Riley (Brianne Tju) was the latest victim in episode 3 – but whose next in Brandon James’ victims. As for the note about where the “mask was made”? Brandon James’ surgical masks were made at Lakewood General Hospital after his surgeries. The masks were created to protect his sutures from infection. But of course there is a catch – Lakewood General Hospital has been closed down for six or seven years.

Noah wants to go to the hospital, but Audrey and Emma brush him off … and then go to the hospital on their own. They break in and find a trail of blood leading down the dark hallway. The two girls follow the path to a door that is marked with an image of Brandon James’ mask. When they go inside they find the skinned and cut open body of a pig. Audrey’s disgusted, but Emma gets closer for another look – the pig is missing its heart, and Emma’s mom just so happened to receive a package with a pig’s heart in it.

Emma finds a light switch and flips it on to do more investigating. When the lights come on it illuminates a series of X-rays belonging to Brandon James. And there is more – files on Brandon James, souvenirs from his three victims and a spooky photo display with Emma as the star. Noah sneaks in and joins in on the investigation when they stumble across Nina’s (Bella Thorne) missing laptop. Emma opens it and finds a bunch of files with names on it … one of them belonging to her. The group hears something in the hall and quickly saves the files to the SD card on Audrey’s cameras. Fearing the return of the killer, they make a run for it. However, Emma spots Brandon James’ mask on her way out. She grabs it, thinking they can bring it to the police for DNA. But when she pulls it down, Tyler’s head comes with it.

The discovery frightens the three teens and they make a mad dash out the building. They don’t get far though because Sheriff Hudson is blocking the door.

Sheriff Hudson and Maggie grill Emma, Audrey and Noah at the police station. The police had searched the hospital a week ago and it was empty. So, how did the teens know to go in? Emma tells them all about the yearbook … but she doesn’t say anything about Nina’s laptop or the files.

When Noah and Audrey leave they hack into the files, but all of them are deleted except one – Emma’s. Turns out that Nina had recorded Emma and Will’s (Connor Weil) first time hooking up. And Noah and Audrey accidentally uploaded it and sent it to the entire school …

Why did Nina have the video? It’s connected to Will and Jake’s (Tom Maden) blackmail business. Will wanted to get out of the game, but he gets accepted to the college of his dreams and is faced with a steep tuition. With Jake’s help they decide to use one last blackmail video – and it involves asking Brooke’s dad aka Mayor Quinn Maddox (Bryan Batt) for $100,000.