Today, SearchHelp announced that it has appointed Jeffrey Greene as its new Chief Executive Officer and Peter Sealey as its new Non-Executive Chairman of the Board. Both men have established a reputation within the market research, movie studios, and advertising communities that will assist the company in its promotion of the Pulse to key decision makers.

The company also announced that it will be changing its name to EchoMetrix, Inc. to support the launch and the new emphasis on Pulse, which monitors 10s of millions of unfiltered teen chats in addition to Blogs and online communities to aggregate a unique understanding of the teen market.

For many years, teen marketers have relied on data crafted and interpreted by research professionals. This data was often distorted by the views of the researchers and colored by what teenagers thought marketers wanted to hear. Thus, their data lacked real time availability and true insight into what young consumers really feel and think about the things that are truly meaningful to them in everyday life.

“Pulse has the capability to help change the way marketers make real time decisions in a market environment that demands it,” said Jeffrey Greene, former Chairman of Citicorp Information Management Services. “Marketing decisions will no longer need to rely on speculation, second-guessing and historical information. Pulse will allow decisions to be based on real, up-to-the-minute information that enables marketers to not only save money, but to make better-informed decisions.

Jeffrey Greene spent the last 30 years as a CEO/COO starting, restarting and rehabilitating businesses in banking, technology, entertainment and the wireless space. He began his career serving in executive positions after serving as the Chairman of Citicorp Information Management Services, which was one of the largest resellers of marketing intelligence to the packaged goods industry. He later became the President of Island Trading Company, the owner of 74 entertainment properties including Island Records. As President of the Pharmacy Fund, he raised over $2 Billion in the securitized asset backed securities market while reselling pharmaceutical information to the key manufacturers.

Peter Sealey is currently the CEO and founder of The Sausalito Group, Inc., a diversified management consulting firm based in Sausalito, CA that offers capabilities in business and marketing strategy, brand identity, market research, advertising services, business development, and expert witness testimony. Mr. Sealey has held many positions at the Coca-Cola Company and became its first Chief Marketing Officer in 1990.