After Goldman Sachs reported huge quarterly losses Oct. 18, Gawker thought it would be nice to rally a pity party and post the GS CEO Lloyd Blankfein's cell phone number on its website.  

You know, so the Occupy Wall Streeters could call the CEO with some much needed pick-me-ups.

Goldman Sachs reported an embarrassing quarterly loss of $428 million, one of the worst in its 12-year history. Gawker's John Cook thought Blankfein would like to hear from those "who know how to get by with less."

Cook includes some greetings to consider using, like "I know you just lost half a billion dollars, but look on the bright side-you've set aside $10 billion in bonuses to pay out to your 34,200 employees" or "just think how much worse the loss would be if you hadn't had the foresight to snag that $13 billion taxpayer-financed pass-through bailout via AIG."

Cook also suggests callers talk about how they made it through times of financial struggle themselves.

"You could share your own tale of economic woe -- maybe you've had trouble paying off student loans -- and let Blankfein know how you got through it," he writes.

The page includes a photo of Blankfein with the caption "he could use your support right now!"

IBTimes was unable to reach Blankfein for comment.

"The person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time," says an automated response.

This is not the first time Gawker has pulled such a brazen stunt.

On Oct. 14 Cook published Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit's cell phone number on its website, after the CEO told Fortune he "would be happy to talk to" the Occupy Wall Street protesters "any time."

Cook included messages in that post, as well, such as: "Can I borrow $3.4 billion at no interest if I put up a bunch of my worthless shit as collateral?" and "Or how about you just buy $27 billion of my worthless s***? No deal? How about you just guarantee to eat 90% of the losses on that worthless s*** up to $300 billion?"

Both posts also included email addresses.