If you aren't making as much money as you want in the conventional real estate world, consider selling real estate in the make-believe world.

Elaine Politis and partner Ariel Gonzalez say they are earning six figures annually from Beach Front Realty Inc., a business they have run since 2005 in Second Life.

They told CNNMoney.com that they buy simulated islands for $295 and divide them into 16 properties that they rent to other game participants for $25 per month. In all, they own 150 of these islands.

The gross revenue on this appears to be enviable, but Politis says it's not all profit because just like in the real world, they have expenses, including hiring sales agents and administrative help who help them provide 24/7 customer service and who each earn 10 percent commissions. Politis says that amounts to about $50 per agent per day. That's nearly enough to pay the real rent.