Hundred years after the Titanic set sail on its fateful voyage across the Atlantic on April 10, 1912, a second historic cruise will depart New York City on the same day in 2012 to mark the centenary year of the sinking ship, Titanic Memorial Cruise said.

Titanic, a passenger liner, sank on 15 April 1912 after she struck an iceberg on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York City.

The eight-night charter voyage on the deluxe 694-guest Azamara Journey, which will feature a series of Titanic historian lecturers on board, is expected to sell out quickly, the cruise line said, adding that the memorial second Titanic voyage was decided due to a worldwide demand.

Many passengers either had relatives on the Titanic, or have a lifelong fascination with the story. We are expecting that Azamara Journey will sell quickly, Miles Morgan, managing director of the Titanic Memorial Cruise, said.

On the April 14 anniversary, guests on Azamara Journey will join the 1,309 aboard another Titanic Memorial Cruise, Balmoral , at the site of the original ship's sinking for a memorial service. Balmoral , which will sail from Southampton, England, sold out last October, and has an extensive waiting list, the cruise line said in a statement.

Our original Titanic anniversary cruise aboard Balmoral sold out last fall to over 1,300 people from 24 countries, including 350 from the U.S., Morgan added.

Booking for Azamara is already open and prices start at $4,725 per person, double occupancy, while suites are priced at $6,750 per person.