A mystery buyer has put in a bid to take a sex tape featuring Kim Kardashian offline, including all Websites where viewers have to pay to watch it.

A letter was sent to Vivid entertainment by attorney Adam Dread asking to start negotiations for the sale of the tape, featuring Kim Kardashian and R&B Singer Ray J, CNN reported. Neither party has commented.

According to TMZ sources, the anonymous buyer has no interest in re-distributing the tape but instead want to take it offline so the public can no longer view it. The buyer is also interested in purchasing all the raw footage that never made it online.

The video that was shot prior to Kardashian's celebrity status has generated greater interest following her highly publicized wedding to Kris Humphries.

I was surprised to receive the attorney's letter offering to buy kimksuperstar.com, Vivid Chief,Steve Hirsch, told CNN. Initially, I thought the offer wasn't real, but after reading it through a second time, I am definitely intrigued.

Kardashian sued Vivid four years ago when Vivid first made the sex tape public. The legal battle ended with a monetary settlement in which Kardashian would share in the profits, Hirsch said.

While the identity of the buyer has been kept strictly confidential many suspect the offer to have come in from the reality TV star herself as she settles down in her marriage, and has shown interest in buying the video before.

Meanwhile, Perez Hilton obtained a clip from the never-released music video for Kardashian's first -- and so far only -- single, Jam (Turn It Up), that has now leaked on the Internet.

Jam (Turn It Up) was released in March, but the video for the song was never made public. Kourtney Kardashian, Kim's sister, told MTV that the video was meant for Kim's pleasure only, but now the world gets to share in the singer's joy.