While critical food shortage is affecting a quarter of North Korea's population of 24 million, leader Kim Jong Il and his top aides are living lavishly in their own paradise, indulging in debauchery and womanizing, are brazenly violating human rights norms.

Free North Korea Radio, a South Korean based broadcast run by North Korean defectors, takes a closer look into the real reason why North Korea distances themselves from reunification with South Korea.

A testimonial from a former North Korean official's son has revealed the country's inner corruption and hypocritical law enforcement. He is the son of former high ranking official Han Ik Soo, who fought in the mountains alongside late Kim Jong Il's father against the Japanese.

Han's son used to live in the metropolitan city of Pyongyang with special privileges thanks to his father's name. But those privileges ended and he was deported to a remote rural village dafter being convicted of sexual assault crimes. He speaks of his past lifestyle, saying how he used to forcibly snatch any good looking woman off the streets of Pyongyang and sexually molest them. Sometimes he would strip them naked and singe their breasts with the lighted ends of cigarettes. His actions soon became public leading to his arrest and deportation. He was considered a disgrace to his father's reputation.

Han's son now speaks out boldly against the North Korean leaders and their hypocritical actions.

 Those who deported me spend each night of debauchery in their own paradise. When government officials gather, they confide in each other stating that now is a good time. Once it's reunified, we can't freely play with women like we can now. Reunification must never happen,' stated Han's son.

North Korean defectors and former senior high officials speak of Kim Jong Il's self-indulgent lifestyle, acting as a role model to his cabinet of government leaders. Kim is notorious for hosting pleasure parties in his lavish Sincheon guesthouse, located south of Pyongyang, where he orders beautiful young women to strip naked and dance. Kim commands his aides to dance with the women but not to touch them.

The top North Korean leaders proclaim to firmly protect socialism in front of their citizens, but their lifestyle behind closed doors is no different than Kim's. Their hypocritical act follows their dictator's example. They toast to phrases such as let us firmly protect our paradise, the beauty, and the present life, knowing that having such a thing as reunification enter their country will end their world of paradise.

Chosun Central Broadcast, a major national North Korean broadcast, propagates that reunification cannot happen because of South Korea and the USA. But in reality, Kim Jong Il and his aides do not wish for reunification and want to maintain the status quo.

Whatever may happen to the people, they don't care. Because they can indulge themselves with beautiful women all they want, eating and living well comfortably. Why would they want reunification? said Han's son.

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