The U.S. military on Friday said it is investigating 11 service members for alleged misconduct in Colombia, according to the Associated Press.

Previous reports were that 10 military personnel were being investigated in connection with the Secret Service prostitution scandal in Cartagena ahead of President Barack Obama's visit. The service members were staying in the same hotel in Colombia where the 11 Secret Service agents were.

The military told the AP that six of those being investigated are from the Army, two from the Navy, another two from the Marines and the other is from the Air Force.

The AP report also stated that the Marine and Navy personnel are reportedly from San Diego and the Air Force member is from Charleston, S.C.

The Army servicemen are reportedly from the 7th Special Forces Group.

The military said the 11 have not been charged and haven't been placed under detention. However, they have been instructed to return to their commands.