ABC’s “Secrets and Lies” has done a good job at telling a new story for its second season but unfortunately for the series, its ratings have gone down every week. After raking up 4.06 million viewers for the first episode of the sophomore season, Sunday night’s episode 4 only got 3.07 million viewers, the lowest of the season to date.

While AMC’s season premiere of “The Walking Dead” and NBC’s Sunday Night Football may have had a hand in “Secrets and Lies” lower ratings, it doesn’t explain the decreased viewership over the past weeks. 

According to, the decline in ratings means “Secrets and Lies” could likely face cancellation by May 2017. When it comes to the 18-49 demographic, only ABC’s “Conviction” and “Dr. Ken” had a worse rating.

The first season of “Secrets and Lies” was able to bring in good ratings towards the end of the 2014-15 season and hit a season high with its finale. But following the end of the first season, ABC wouldn’t premiere the second season until 16 months later. 

Unfortunately for ABC, “Secrets and Lies” isn’t the only drama that is doing bad. According to TV By The Numbers, “Conviction” is a “sure bet to be canceled by May 2017 while “Notorious” could also possibly face cancellation come spring. 

As for “Secrets and Lies” itself, 10 episodes were ordered for Season 2, so the series still has six episodes left to be aired. Episode 5, “The Daughter,” will air on Oct. 30 at 9:00 p.m. EDT.