Throughout Season 2 of “Secrets and Lies,” Eric has already learned about Kate’s mother who is still alive, the father of Kate’s child and other secrets about employees in his company. But based on the synopsis for the upcoming episode, “The Statement,” the ABC show has even more reveals in store.

After meeting a mysterious visitor from Kate’s (Jordana Brewster) past in episode 6, Eric (Michael Ealy) will now have to deal with his own problems at home in episode 7.

According to the preview, Eric and his father, John (Terry O’Quinn), will need to resolve their differences immediately after Patrick’s (Charlie Barnett) own secrets and sins come back to hurt the family. Patrick’s problems will not only affect the Warner family, but also Eric’s company. We’ve already learned about Patrick’s drinking problem, something he has admitted himself, but could the brother be hiding another secret?

Patrick’s transgressions won’t be the only problem for Eric. While searching for the person responsible for his wife’s death, Eric will also uncover a deadly surprise about his father. 

Danny (Kenny Johnson) won’t be the only one in the show with daughter problems. Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis) will be going through her own issues as she and ex-husband Ethan (Jake Weber) deal with the guilt over their daughter Jennifer (Cole Bernstein). 

With multiple people no longer being looked at for the death of Kate, could episode 7 lead to Eric and Cornell having a new suspect in mind?

ABC’s “Secrets and Lies” episode 7 airs on Sunday, Nov. 13, at 9:00 p.m. EST.