Sector 10 Inc. is a systems integration sales and marketing company for a line of proprietary products and technologies developed and manufactured by Sector 10 Holdings Inc. Its mission is to become the world’s leading provider of emergency life response equipment.

The company’s response products include mobile (MRU) and stationary (SRU) response units, as well as an emergency communications system designed to save lives and avert injuries in the middle of emergency and disaster situations. To fulfill its goal of becoming an industry leader, the company balances its short-term performance with long-term goals to be the “first” in its industry, focusing on the integration of humanitarian aid and technology and products.

Sector 10’s SRUs provide responders and building occupants with first aid supplies, life saving equipment and tracking devices available through a real-time 3D interface. The units can be placed near stairways, elevators or other areas that may experience high-volume foot traffic in disasters. The units are equipped with an eye wash system, an integrated computer system, a visual touch screen panel that provides instructions and feedback, and other various options.

MRUs provide mobility and customization to first responders at a disaster site and are equipped with an eye wash system, integrated computer system, Wi-Max wireless technology, first aid supplies and doors that convert into a stretcher, table and bench, and other relevant features.

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