Sector 10, Inc. announced today that it has appointed Mr. Patrick B. Love to Director of Business Development. In his new position, Mr. Love will serve as the primary external contact for Sector 10 in Business Development. He will be working with both the investor and lending communities and will report to the Chief Operations Officer.

In addition, Mr. Love will be focusing on introducing new technologies, methodologies, and strategies with partner companies that he will be identifying and establishing relationships with. He has already begun working with Sector 10 in formulating a 5-year Business Development Strategic Plan and believes that Sector 10’s prospects for growth are substantial. Mr. Love stated, “As Sector 10 continues to grow and its products are seen to maximize the protection of anyone in a multi-story building, more and more opportunities for new areas of business and partnerships will emerge.”

Previously, Mr. Love was the Founder and CEO of Lumen IQ, a successful forensic imaging company started in 1997 that now holds contracts with the Department of Homeland Security for their automated fingerprinting systems implemented by Motorola. Clario, a medical imaging company, was an outgrowth of the advanced technologies that Mr. Love developed while leading Lumen IQ. He is an expert in the fields of forensic and medical imaging, and has advanced technological innovation in a variety of fields since 1975.

Sector 10 CEO, Pericles DeAvila commented, “The addition of Patrick Love as the Director of Business Development underscores the Company’s growth strategy. With our Management Team taking shape, we are now starting to execute on a variety of fronts that will inevitably thrust Sector 10 to the leader position in innovative emergency management products and services.”

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