Sector 10, Inc. announced this morning that John Gargett, who currently heads the Operations Committee on the Board of Directors, has been appointed to the position of Vice President of Operations and Chief Operations Officer. Mr. Gargett is already working with Sector 10 to formulate a 5-year growth strategy.

After a comprehensive review of Sector 10, Mr. Gargett is convinced that Sector 10’s prospects for growth are substantial. He stated, “The products and services that we offer are revolutionary in the potential for saving lives. The SRU has profound implications for protecting people confronted with life-threatening situations and the MRU has equally profound implications for humanitarian operations around the globe.”

Mr. Gargett retains more than 25 years experience in crisis, emergency and risk management. One of the things about the business model of Sector 10 that impressed Mr. Gargett is the way Public Safety agencies benefit by adopting Sector 10 products and services in their communities, because when a system is put in place, they augment the needs of the responder, yet there is no cost for them. “Sector 10 is about saving lives,” he affirmed. “When the systems are put in place, and emergency responders have full access to the information without cost to their agencies, and they have the ability to provide Personnel Accountability, it’s a win-win for everyone.”

According to the press release, Mr. Gargett’s will first begin filling key positions within Sector 10, identifying and executing acquisitions of other like-minded firms, and building a new Humanitarian Program where the MRUs can be provided worldwide for emergency relief through the DeAvila Foundation and in conjunction with international aid agencies.

Mr. Gargett is recognized nationally and internationally as an expert in Crisis Management. He has worked in over forty countries and assisted the United Nations in designing systems for the monitoring of relief supplies in the former Yugoslavia and Somalia. He has provided expert lectures to Japanese private sector companies on the threats facing, and working in, hostile or overseas environments.

Sector 10 CEO Pericles DeAvila beleives the addition of John Gargett as Chief Operations Officer will help strengthen the company’s growth strategy. He also stated that Sector 10 anticipates announcing a few other key positions in the near future.

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