Sector 10 Inc. is a company which is redefining the emergency response industry and reshaping how emergency response is handled by the public and private sector. The company is doing this through its unique emphasis on onsite pre-deployed resources as the way to save lives and reduce liability.

Sector 10 offers both stationary and mobile response units which can be placed in any sizable building with a large amount of occupants. The units have a number of features which will aid the occupants in bridging the survival gap until emergency responders arrive. Key features of the units include:

• Backup power supply and strobe light
• First aid supplies, including iodine tablets and defibrillator
• Pick/axe/crowbar/rope
• Small supply of food and water
• Wireless, communications technology, cameras
• Gloves and Masks

The masks provided are one feature that is an example of the quality of the company’s units. The masks offer 15-45 minutes of protection against harmful inhalants, chemical and biological airborne particles and other combustion gases. The masks also provide an unlimited field of vision for the wearer and protection from eye irritation caused by smoke. It is this type of product from Sector 10 that helps people bridge the survival gap.

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