Sector 10, Inc. today responded to investor questions concerning intellectual property and the company’s relationship with Sector 10 Holdings, Inc.

The clarifications are as follows:

1) Sector 10, Inc. is not a marketing company for Sector 10 Holdings, Inc.

2) Sector 10, Inc. owns the intellectual property rights to the products and solutions it is selling as well as the manufacturing rights to those products.

3) Sector 10, Inc. has asserted control over manufacturing and development for Sector 10 products in the U.S. This territory may be expanded under the terms of the current agreement to include international locations.

4) Sector 10, Inc. currently has an outsourced Manufacturing Agreement with Dutro Company based in Logan, UT.

5) Sector10, Inc. continues to invest in research and development to improve the products it’s selling to its customers.

6) Sector 10 Holdings is a majority shareholder and supporter of Sector 10, Inc.’s success, and has other intellectual property unrelated to Sector 10, Inc.

7) Sector 10 Holdings had assisted in providing short term capital needs. This support has been phased out to outside investors.

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