Sector 10, Inc., the emergency response systems company focused on pre-deployment of life-saving resources for building occupants and emergency responders, has made a point of recruiting senior level people with national and international experience in emergency response and preparedness. The approach clearly represents a long-term strategy of building a strong link to key organizations and decision makers around the world, creating an unparalleled foundation for the company’s future growth.

Sector 10’s commitment to this policy was reflected by their recent announcement that Hugh Neville Cholmondeley, a form senior level UN official with 28 years of international experience in disaster preparation and relief, will join the company’s Business Advisory Board. He will also serve as advisor for Sector 10’s worldwide deployment of their Mobile Response Units (MRUs) for humanitarian and relief operations. MRUs are the company’s mobile emergency material supply stations that can be rushed to disaster sites to help save lives.

Mr. Cholmondeley is currently serving on the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP International) Certification and Accreditation Review Board. HAP International is the first international self-regulatory body for humanitarian aid, and is dedicated to establishing the highest standards of accountability and quality management.

Mr. Cholmondeley’s experience covers work with the U.N., national governments, private industry, public utilities, and various national and world agencies. He’s worked in the fields of communications, disaster management, and recovery in developing and war-torn countries. He also has extensive experience in mergers, acquisitions, mass media, and public policy.

Pericles DeAvila, Sector 10 founder and CEO, commented on Mr. Cholmondeley’s appointment, “The addition of Mr. Cholmondeley underscores our commitment to the ensuring that our new Humanitarian Program, built on our MRU platform, will ensure that it meets with the highest level of success.”

Mr. Cholmondeley spoke of the importance of Sector 10’s potential role in worldwide humanitarian efforts, “I look forward to being associated with your objectives for improved responses to current and future catastrophic events that result in humanitarian emergencies and untold suffering.”

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