Sector 10, Inc. announced this morning that it has made a strategic relationship with Encompsol, Inc. This relationship will enhance the company’s focus on the Uniform Fire Code and the International Fire Code Standards. Encompsol, Inc. specializes in the implementation of both the hazardous materials and the evacuation requirements contained in the codes with its proprietary intellectual property and software that has revolutionized how many communities in Arizona and other States comply with the codes.

According to the press release, Encompsol has hundreds of customer sites that are already complying with the codes. Sector 10 believes these customer sites represent an ideal market for its products. John Gardner, who recently joined Encompsol after 28 years of service as a Fire Marshall and regulator, stated, “Sector 10 has developed a specialized set of equipment that complements our current product line. Many of our users constantly ask us about how they can be better prepared and we feel that with Sector 10, we now have a strong set of tools to offer.”

According to Pericles DeAvila, CEO of Sector 10, Inc., “With a strong strategic relationship, both companies stand to gain as the Fire Code expertise of Encompsol combined the equipment and related services offered by Sector 10 create a strong path forward for both companies.” Pericles further stated, “We would like to turn this alliance into a possible acquisition by Sector 10, Inc. in the future.”

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