Sector 10 Inc., the only emergency response systems company so strongly emphasizing pre-deployed resources as the way to save lives, avert injuries, and reduce liability, announced today that it has already received inquiries from major corporations around the world for its solutions as well as proposals for strategic alliances.

Regulatory Agency Requirements for 2009/2010 helped by Sector 10’s technologies include:
* Uniform Fire Code
* International Fire Code
* OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

Sector 10, Inc. CEO, Pericles DeAvila, stated, “The new fire codes and life safety standards are no surprise. A multibillion dollar industry in post-disaster recovery was created since 9/11 when preventative measures should have been the focus. Since inception, Sector 10 has been strongly emphasizing pre-deployed resources as the way to address the needs of the affected with PRE-DISASTER planning and PRE-DEPLOYED SOLUTIONS.”

Businesses that have been affected by a catastrophic incident causing the loss of life or injured personnel understand what a profound effect the loss of key personnel can have on a corporation’s ability to continue. Coupled with the cost of recovery, liability exposures and revenue losses can be daunting. Millions of dollars are spent each year on underwriting approaches to hedge these risks. Sector 10’s solutions coupled with the PLX-3D technology were designed to save lives and help companies meet the new regulations, reducing liabilities and risks while saving lives.

DeAvila also sated, “The new codes and standards are a clear departure from old paradigms and a welcome sight as we have been positioning ourselves to become the leader in this new emerging market. I believe this to be the next billion dollar opportunity.”

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