Sector 10 Inc. is a company which is reshaping the emergency response industry. It is the only emergency response systems company that is so strongly emphasizing using onsite pre-deployed resources as a way to reduce liability, avert injuries and save lives.

One of Sector 10’s primary products is the stationary response unit. This stationary response center contains the essential equipment needed for disasters and crisis situations. Some of the company’s stationary response unit features include: chemical and biological masks, iodine tablets, eye wash system, first aid supply packs, cameras, computer and communication features.

Sector 10 is integrating a new media platform with its SRU (standard response unit) product line called SRU-Media. These units provide all the pre-deployed resources found in the company’s SRU, while offering something else. This something else is the ability to display various types of advertising, search results, corporate branding, AMBER alerts, public service announcements, venue directory services, and real-time evacuation instructions.

The SRU-Media unit is intended to be placed in high traffic public venues such as airports, convention centers, mass transit stations, entertainment venues, sports stadiums and arenas, and retail locations – wherever the public is found in masses.

Sector 10’s SRU-Media units are intended to generate revenue during times of normal operation. The advertising dollars that may be generated by the units can more than offset the expense of these multi-purpose units. With the widespread adoption of the company’s SRU-Media units, Sector 10 is building one of the largest proprietary digital networks in the world. This is in addition to the company’s main focus of saving lives in the event a disaster strikes.

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