Natural disasters, security breaches and terrorist attacks in the past decade have revealed vulnerabilities in the way public and private sectors handle and respond to emergencies. The security sector and the emergency response methods and systems have remained virtually unchanged for decades. This is where Sector 10 is different. Instead of addressing emergencies on a reactive basis, the company uses a proactive independent pre-deployed system.

Sector 10’s pre-deployed system has numerous capabilities including:
• First aid, eye flush, and air tanks for responders
• Masks that will filter smoke, biological and chemical hazards
• Evacuation chairs to extricate injured or disabled occupants from a building
• Video surveillance for each floor of the building
• Employee and tenant tracking for evacuations with real-time 3D visualization
• Ability to provide first responders with instant awareness of the situation

Sector 10 believes pre-deployment of assets enhances both the ability to escape from a disaster scene and the survivability of those trapped at scenes of disaster. This is achieved by not only having equipment at the scene already, such as masks, but having better communications between the people in need and the first responders. That is the company’s goal – to bridge the survival gap.

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